Program for the 2006 Financial Research Association Meeting

Aladdin Resort and Casino
December 16th and 17th, 2006

Session 1

Information asymmetry and firms’ credit market access: Evidence from Moody’s credit rating format refinement
Author: Tony Tang
Discussant/Presenter: Darren Kisgen

Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2009

How active is your fund manager?
Authors: Martijn Cremers and Antti Petajisto
Discussant/Presenter: Eric Zitzewitz 

Published: Review of Financial Studies, 2009 (Lead Article)

International cross-listing, firm performance and top management turnover: A test of the bonding hypothesis
Authors: Ugur Lel and Darius Miller
Discussant/Presenter: Chip Ryan 

Published: Journal of Finance, 2008

Session 2

Agency conflicts, asset substitution, and securitization
Authors: Yingjin Gan and Christopher Mayer
Discussant/Presenter: Michael Fishman

Published: Currently Unpublished

Investor information, long-run risk, and the duration of risky cash flows
Authors: Mariano Croce, Martin Lettau, and Sydney Ludvigson
Discussant/Presenter: David Chapman 

Published: Currently Unpublished

Wine Tasting–“Wines of Italy,” at the Pampas Brazilian Grille, located in the Aladdin Desert Passage.

Session 3

Driven to distraction: Extraneous events and underreaction to earnings news
Authors: David Hirshleifer, Sonya Seongyeon Lim, and Siew Hong Teoh
Discussant: Wayne Guay 

Published: Journal of Finance, Forthcoming

Attracting flows by attracting big clients: Conflicts of interest and mutual fund portfolio choice
Authors: Lauren Cohen and Breno Schmidt
Discussant: Jonathan Reuter

Published: Journal of Finance, Forthcoming

A framework for assessing corporate governance reform
Authors: Benjamin Hermalin and Michael Weisbach
Discussant: Jeffrey Zwiebel
Published: Journal of Economic Literature, Forthcoming

Dinner– Les Artistes Steakhouse, in the Paris Casino