FRA/JFE Dual Submission Policy

This year’s conference features a Dual Submission Option with the Journal of Financial Economics (JFE). The conference submission deadline is August 31.


A paper is eligible for the dual submission option if it has not been previously rejected from the JFE and if the paper is not currently under review at another journal.

Review Process

Dual-submitted papers will be reviewed for possible inclusion on the FRA conference program and for possible invitation to submit to the JFE.

Timeline and JFE Submission Process

Authors will be informed of their dual submission status by early October. Invited authors may revise the paper before officially submitting through the JFE submission portal, but the manuscript must be submitted to JFE before January 15, 2025 to qualify under the dual submission.

At the time of JFE submission, authors are responsible for following JFE’s submission guidelines, which includes paying the submission fee ( By selecting the dual submission option, you attest that the paper is eligible for submission to JFE.

No Fault Submission

The JFE recognizes that the FRA focuses on early papers and young scholars, and that scientific work develops over time. If the invited dual submission is eventually rejected at JFE, the paper may be submitted to JFE at a future date through the normal submission process.

If the dual submitted paper is not invited through this process, it can still be submitted to the JFE under the normal submission process at a later date without prejudice.  That is, the JFE will not flag papers that are not invited through the dual submission process and will have no institutional memory of these papers.