Program for the 2007 Financial Research Association Meeting

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
December 15th and 16th, 2007

Session 1

Political Connections and the Allocation of Procurement Contracts
Author: Eitan Goldman, Jorg Rocholl, and Jungil So
Discussant/Presenter:  Robert Marquez

Contingency and Renegotiation of Financial Contracts: Evidence from Private Credit Agreements
Authors: Michael Roberts and Amir Sufi
Discussant/Presenter:  Michael Hertzel
Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2009

Bargaining Power and Negotiated Division of Prizes in Poker Tournaments
Authors:  David Goldreich and Lukasz Pomorski
Discussant/Presenter: Antonio Benardo
Published: Review of Economic Studies, 2011

Session 2

Does Asset Supply Affect Asset Returns? Evidence from the Agency Bond Market
Author: Siddhartha G. Dastidar
Discussant/Presenter: Jennifer Huang

Informed Trading, Liquidity Provision and Stock Selection by Mutual Funds
Authors:  Zhi Da, Pengjie Gao, and Ravi Jagannathan
Discussant/Presenter: David Musto
Published: The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2011

Wine Tasting–“The Radio Coteau 2005 Vintage,”at Ocean One in the Miracle Mile.

Session 3

Risk and Return in Bond, Currency and Equity Markets
Authors: Ravi Bansal and Ivan Shaliastovich
Discussant:  John Heaton

Inside the Black Box: The Role and Composition of Compensation Peer Groups
Authors: Michael Faulkender and Jun Yang
Discussant:  Kevin J. Murphy
Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2010

Public Trust and Financial Markets
Authors:  Bruce Carlin, Florin Dorobantu, and S. Viswanathan
Discussant: Rajesh Aggarwal
Published: Journal of Financial Economics, 2009

6:00 PM Dinner– Andre’s in the Monte Carlo