Program for the 12th Annual Meeting of the Financial Research Association

Vdara Hotel and Spa

All research sessions will be held in the Vinoly 1 room.

Saturday December 12, 2015

12:30 PM Pre-Meeting Coffee

1:00 PM Introductory Remarks

1:10 PM to 3:10 PM Session 1

Chairperson: Bruce Carlin

Rewarding Disagreement for Optimal Collective Decisions: The Role of Skill and Luck
Authors: Naveen Khanna and Mark Schroder
Discussant/Presenter: Philip Bond

Mutual Fund Risk-Shifting and Management Contracts
Authors: Jung Lee, Charles Trzcinka, and Shyam Venkatesan
Discussant/Presenter: Laura Starks

Policy Uncertainty, Political Capital, and Firm Risk-Taking
Author: Pat Akey and Stefan Lewellen
Discussant/Presenter: Lauren Cohen

3:10 PM to 3:40 PM Break

3:40 PM to 5:00 PM Session 2

Chairperson: Mark Huson

Measuring Tail Risks in Real Time
Author: Brian Weller
Discussant/Presenter: Allan Timmermann

The Usual Suspects: Experienced Backers and Early Stage Venture Success
Author: Emma Li
Discussant/Presenter: Arthur Korteweg

Wine Tasting–Wines of the Northern Rhone, Vdara Vice-Versa Lounge

Sunday December 13, 2014

12:30 PM Pre-Meeting Coffee

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Session 3

Chairperson: Eli Fich

When Fast Trading Looks Like Priced Noise
Authors: Alex Chinco and Mao Ye
Discussant/Presenter: Haoxiang Zhu

Returns to Talent and the Finance Wage Premium
Authors: Boris Vallee and Claire Celerier
Discussant/Presenter: Vincent Glode

When Saving is Gambling
Author: Anthony Cookson
Discussant/Presenter: Daniel Dorn

3:00 PM to 3:30 PM Break

3.30 PM to 5:00 PM Session 4: Early Ideas

Chairperson: Joey Engelberg

“Real Options, Financial Constraints and Drilling Rig Rental Rates” Sheridan Titman

“Risk Shifting in Hedge Funds: Implicit vs. Explicit Incentives”  Yong Chen

“Tenure and the Zero-Profit Condition”  Edward Van Wesep

“The Real Effects of Financial Distress: Evidence from Public School Teachers”  Jordan Nickerson

“The Anatomy of Financial Frictions: A First Look at Private Firms”  Rawley Heimer

“Macroeconomic News and Asset Prices”  Daniel Andrei


6:15 PM Dinner–Alize in the Palms Casino